Children pet a dog on the Eco Dog walk in Algeria.

World Wildlife Day: Eco Dog Walk

The Eco Dog walk is a truly One Health experience, bringing people and animals together in a loving and happy environment aimed to improve human-animal relationships – all while walking through a forest and collecting garbage. What a great way to spend the day and learn about dogs and rabies prevention.
The rabies education booklet developed to help day care students learn about rabies and btie prevention.

Rabies Education Materials take One Health rabies elimination activities beyond human and animal health.

While One Health tends to focus on the human, animal and environment, other sectors that fall under the One Health umbrella are often neglected, including the education sector. To generate a truly One Health approach with a sustainable output, teams in the Philippines generated supplementary education materials for Day Care students to teach them about rabies elimination and bite prevention, creating a new generation educated about rabies elimination.
A mother and child read a GARC rabies awareness poster as they wait in line at a local shop.

Rabies education and awareness takes advantage of the new normal.

The GARC team in the Philippines, along with local partners, has developed a set of awareness and education posters to help ensure that people remain educated about, and aware of, rabies despite the spotlight being focused on COVID-19. The posters provide clear, concise, and life-saving message to people patiently waiting in socially distanced lines at the local convenience store, ensuring that rabies elimination remains in the minds of the public.
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A selection of GARC's scientific publications that contributes to expert knowledge for rabies elimination.

GARC celebrates a scientific milestone.

Reaching more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications is a massive milestone, and in 2020, GARC surpassed this number! We continue to strive toward scientific excellence, ensuring that our work is built upon scrutinized best practice so that we can deliver high-impact projects to drive our mission of ending human and dog rabies globally.
Faces of Rabies Control and Elimination (FORCE) campaign. Join us to End Rabies Now.

Be part of the FORCE!

No, you did not accidentally subscribe to the Star Wars fan’s newsletter. This FORCE is very real – this FORCE is you! We are excited to announce the launch of the Faces Of Rabies Control and Elimination campaign. Everyone can be involved, so read inside for more details!
GARC's #3ToBeFree campaign helped to vaccinate dogs in Zanzibar against rabies.

#3ToBeFree made possible by you!

2020 was a year full of challenges, but you helped us close the year on a positive note by supporting GARC's #3ToBeFree campaign to help make Zanzibar a rabies-free island!
Mr Lambert Gwenhure uses the Rabies Case Surveillance (RCS) component of the Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin (REB) to analyze the rabies situation in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe keeps rabies surveillance active during the COVID-19 pandemic

If the global COVID-19 pandemic taught Mr Lambert Fadzai Gwenhure (Laboratory scientist and lead researcher, Zimbabwe’s rabies laboratory) anything, it’s that surveillance is of the utmost importance if a disease is going to be controlled and eliminated. Read his personal account on keeping Zimbabwe’s rabies surveillance data up to date and usable so that rabies control efforts continued during these trying times.
Beyond Students for Change vaccinates dogs against rabies in Ethiopia.

Expanding horizons ‘Beyond Students for Change’: rabies elimination efforts in Ethiopia.

A passionate and driven veterinary student gathered other like-minded and driven students to form the “Beyond Student for Change” initiative, which works to improve animal health, including rabies, through a One Health approach. Amongst other activities, the students used the knowledge gained from completing the GARC education platform courses to go out into communities to raise awareness and educate others about rabies and its prevention.
Voice of Animal Nepal celebrates GARC's World Rabies Day with a banner, education and dog rabies vaccination.

Dedication to rabies elimination: A lot can be done with enthusiasm and a little support.

The small team from Voice of Animal Nepal managed to make a big impact in their community on World Rabies Day 2020. With the support of resources from GARC, the team vaccinated dogs and raised rabies awareness, while emphasizing the need for collaboration to End Rabies Now.