Biting Animal Quarantine (BAQ) tracker tool

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Used by: Animal health professionals, IBCM programs and outbreak response teams.

What is the BAQ?

The Biting Animal Quarantine (BAQ) Tracker is a tool that enables animals that have bitten people or other animals to be tracked and monitored throughout their 10-15 day quarantine. The tool quickly and easily captures a comprehensive set of data for each biting animal placed in quarantine, allowing animal health officials to keep track of animals during the quarantine period, and update the GARC App at the end of the quarantine period.  

The BAQ tool supplements existing tools (such as the Bite Case Tracker) and tracks biting animals placed in 10-15 day quarantine within communities.

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Why should I use the BAQ?

The BAQ:

  • is a comprehensive animal quarantine tracking system.
  • is easily integrated into new or existing community programs.
  • allows stakeholders to monitor and track home quarantine or quarantine at a facility.

It will help you to:

  • Map the location of each animal in quarantine at the community-level.
  • Gain insight into the number of human and animal exposures as a result of the biting animal.
  • Keep track of all animals in quarantine and the eventual quarantine outcome after the 10-15 day quarantine period.
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What data does the BAQ capture?

  • Investigation date
  • Precise GPS coordinates
  • Species being quarantined
  • Possible human exposures
  • Possible animal exposures
  • Animal ownership and owner details (if applicable)
  • Quarantine location
  • Start and end date of the quarantine
  • Quarantine outcome

What are the outputs from the BAQ?

  • Maps indicating where animals are quarantined in the community.
  • Visual analyses (including graphs and tables) of recorded animal quarantine data and the outcomes.
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Is the BAQ a tool to track animals being quarantined for import into a non-rabies endemic country?

No, the BAQ tool is not designed to track the lengthier and voluntary quarantine process for animals being transported across international borders, specifically those entering non-rabies endemic countries. The BAQ tracking tool has been solely created to track animals that have bitten another person or animal but are not showing any clear signs of rabies. These animals need to be quarantined for a 10-15 day period, which is what the BAQ tool will help you to manage.   

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See an example of the interactive map that you can have. Click on a dot to see data about a quarantined animal.

Click on each dot for more details about the education initiative undertaken.

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