Rabies Treatment Tracker (RTT)

Rabies Treatment Tracker (RTT) human rabies surveillance tool. GARC

Used by: Health facilities

What is the RTT?

The Rabies Treatment Tracker (RTT) is a rabies bite patient management system that tracks exposed individuals through the entire PEP treatment process. The RTT benefits both the patients receiving treatment and the personnel working at the healthcare facility.

Patient benefits: Patients receive automated reminders for follow-up visits to the healthcare facility – improving PEP compliance.

Facility benefits: The RTT tool addresses the needs of tracking individual bite victims and people who have been potentially exposed to rabies through their PEP regimen, whilst also enabling health personnel to plot the location of bite incidents, and the vaccine needs and requirements – with a focus on ensuring that stock can meet demand.

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Why should I use the RTT?

The RTT:

  • is a comprehensive rabies bite patient management system,
  • is easily integrated into current healthcare systems,
  • is easy to use and does not delay patient treatment, and
  • allows you to aggregate data from the healthcare facility-level to the national-level

It will help you to:

  • Map the location of each exposure at the community-level.
  • Identify high-risk areas for rabies based on bite data
  • Improve patient compliance for rabies PEP.
  • Track and manage PEP usage.
  • Guide health personnel in providing adequate rabies PEP.
  • Collect data that directly aligns with the WHO indicators required for international reporting.
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What data does the RTT capture?

  • General patient information
  • Rabies exposure data (e.g. animal species, WHO wound categories, etc.).
  • General treatment information (e.g. wound washing, tetanus vaccination, etc.).
  • Rabies-specific treatment information (e.g. Rabies vaccination, RIG administration)
  • Information on PEP usage and available stocks at healthcare facilities.


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What are the outputs from the RTT?

  • Automated patient and staff reminders.
  • Maps indicating where bite-cases occurred in the community.
  • Visual analyses on treatment compliance and PEP completion.
  • Searchable patient database and referral system.
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See an example of the interactive map that you can have: 

Click on the graph's legend to see the interactive functionality.

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