Education Initiative Tracker (EIT)

GARC's Education Initiative Tracker (EIT) tool and app.

Used by: Any person or organization doing rabies-related education or sensitization work.

What is the EIT?

The Education Initiative Tracker (EIT) tool enables any person that undertakes rabies-related education initiatives (e.g., speaking to school children, educating professionals, distributing resources like flyers or posters, etc.) to track their efforts based on the target audience, the key messages and how the message is disseminated. The tool is designed to help make a case for the impact of the education and sensitization work that is being done in a community.

Map and monitor the number and type of rabies-related awareness initiatives in communities with the EIT. 

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Why should I use the EIT?

The EIT:

  • Maps your education initiatives,
  • Is easy to use,
  • Requires little training, and
  • Works offline.

It will help you to:

  • Make a case for continued donor support for education and sensitization initiatives.
  • Showcase the reach, audience and messages used to benefit communities.
  • Highlight the impact that education and sensitization has on rabies elimination (when used with our other surveillance tools).
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How do I use the EIT?

The EIT tool can be used in the field with the GARC App (on a smartphone or tablet) or on a laptop/computer with internet access. Data can be captured after you have completed the initiative.


The EIT can also be used on a tablet or computer, depending on your needs. 

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What data does the EIT capture?

  • Date.
  • Precise GPS coordinates.
  • Main target audience.
  • Main focus of message.
  • Main approach (oral, resource distribution).
  • Estimated number of adults reached.
  • Estimated number of children reached.
  • Type and number of resources distributed (flyers, brochures, booklets, posters)
  • Comments

What are the outputs from the EIT?

  • Real-time maps.
  • Graphs.
  • Tables.

All outputs are automatically generated and updated by the tool. Therefore, there is no need for GIS experts or people with advanced computer skills or expensive software.

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Why should I use the EIT tool if I do community outreach work about rabies?

Community outreach and education about rabies and responsible dog ownership is frequently undertaken across all rabies-endemic countries. Without the use of the EIT tool, stakeholders can often only report using photos and tabled data that fails to show the reach and impact of their work. However, with the free EIT tool, you can get donors interested and supportive of your work!


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See an example of one of the many interactive graphs (or maps) that you can have.

Click on each dot for more details about the education initiative undertaken.

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